Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Instagram Woes

It happens every summer, time moves beyond fast and I'm left wondering where a month has gone. The weather has been so kind this year, warm temperatures and hardly any wind. I mention the wind because I live on the prairies and so wind is just something I've come to accept, but what a marvelous break we've had from it.

I've been taking pictures like crazy since getting a new camera at the beginning of July and so you'd think I would have been blogging a lot, but... Instagram. Yep, that's where my photos have been going. A few you of have found me there and so know that I am still alive, but the rest of you, I have not been fair to. 

I'm not sure I'm in love with Instagram.  I was at first, but then I discovered that a lot of people are using it to build up a false sense of popularity. Normally, this sort of thing would not bother me, except that I'm looking for a genuine community. Here's the problem - I post a photo, I get a bunch of "likes" and usually 3 or 4 new followers. That's great! I check out their photos and if I like what I see, I'm happy to follow right back.  Then, a few hours to a day or so later, they "unfollow" me, meaning they were not at all interested in my photos, no - they are just trying to build up their number of followers or advertise. Blech!

Now, there are 3 types of people I follow - people I know, people I find inspiring, and people I would like to get to know through a mutual exchange. I do not want my feed all clogged up by people who are not interested in sharing back and forth.  Of course, I realize that this status competition exists here in blogland too, but it is much less aggressive, and I find I am largely unaffected by it simply because I'm not here to be competitive and build numbers. With Instagram, blogging in the fast lane so-to-speak, you're in the competition whether you want to be or not, and it is not a worthwhile competition. A false sense of popularity through tricking people into following you is, at best, a complete waste of time. I will say though, Instagram does have a fun side, and I have enjoyed sharing with the people I know and the few genuine people I have been building relationships with. Also, there are some absolutely amazing photographers out there, and I thank them for their daily doses of inspiration, they keep my camera clickin'.

Alright, enough of that. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the past month.  I hope you have all had as marvelous a summer as I have, and are enjoying the last days of it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Go Fly a Kite!

Son walks in and exclaims that he is bored and Mom replies unsarcastically, "Go fly a kite."  Son whines that he doesn't feel like doing that, but after having suggested it, Mom realizes that it is a fantastic idea and decides to go out. It is after all a much needed photographic opportunity. Before Mom has the camera ready, the boy has his kite on the front lawn and much fun is had over the next hour so. For a time, boredom has been overcome.

Friday, July 21, 2017

July Mornings

July is flying by so fast, it is making me dizzy! I've been having fun learning about my new camera and enjoying Instagram a whole bunch. I like that I can use it from my phone which I almost always have on me and that it is super quick. Mostly though, I've been enjoying the weather, my gardens and having my kids at home. They're older now, and mostly prefer to do their own thing, but I love "dropping in" now and then to see what they're up to and just having their happy voices fill up our home makes me lighthearted.

I do hope you're all having a fabulous July! Here are some photos, mostly from my morning walk with my dog.

An America Coot in its nest. I get a kick out of these guys and the noises they make.

A lovely pair I passed on my morning walk.

Seemed like a sad little birdie.

My black kitty Sooty, getting some love from Georgia.

This is one of those shots I thought I didn't get. It's my current favourite and I will keep playing with it to
see how best I like it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Hatching Day!

You know, killdeer are very considerate creatures. They could have hatched yesterday when we were in the city all day, but they waited.  I was out early this foggy morning, new camera in tow. I checked on them then, and all was quiet. They must have seen the shiny new equipment I was carrying because a few hours later - POOF! 4 puffy chicks. Just look at the poses they gave me; fantastic little models. 
I've thrown in a few other photos from my practice session.  

This is Daddy.  He was running around making a racket the entire time his tribe was breaking free of their shells. He's
to blame for me finding out it was hatching day.
Still tired from all the work it took to get out of that tiny egg.

Time to start venturing out a bit - stretch those wee legs.

I can't believe this little fluff ball could even fit into something that small.  
Asparagus fern.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Morning in the Garden

We've had a cold spring, but things are starting to fill out in the garden now. Here are a couple shots of the place I call home and some pretty flower photos.
Oh, and I'm on Instagram now as aostaj!


Monday, July 3, 2017

A Busy Start

Life has been beautifully busy. Welcome to summer!  Now that school is officially out, I thought time would slow down a bit, but nope! - It seems to be on fast forward. In the first two weeks of July alone, we will celebrate a special birthday, a 50th anniversary, my own 20th anniversary, send two kids to camp in opposite directions and pick them up. Somewhere we will try to get to the beach a few times and relax, and of course there is the yard to tend to. I forgot to mention, we kicked it all off with Canada Day on the 1st - our big 150! That was fun. A trip to a small town I'd never been to and then mini-golf and fireworks at the lake.
Being that Southern Saskatchewan is primarily farmland, it's not surprising
to see a giant sculpture of a common crop, oats. This is definitely one of
my favourite small town pieces. Ituna, Sk.

Fireworks at Good Sprit Provincial Park - always a delight and a photography challenge.
The slowest part of my day happens in the early morning when it's still cool enough to walk my dog. I love my mornings.  Happy July everyone!
I love the wide angle lens on my phone.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pictures As Promised

A few more changes in the yard begged for several snapshots to be taken.  Seeing as how I have quite a few shots to show you, I'll keep the words short.

Some time out to lie in the grass....

And gaze up the sky.

Watching the marigolds grow.

The ninebark in bloom and watch out for the swarm of bees as you walk by.

Another nest.

This one belongs to this pretty mama Killdeer

Goutweed. So much prettier than its name.

Hostas are having their best year yet.

Lamium looks gorgeous among rocks

Calabrochoa looking gorgeous as a greeter to the fire pit.

A peaceful evening walk. A long day of strong winds led into a perfectly calm night.