Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Hatching Day!

You know, killdeer are very considerate creatures. They could have hatched yesterday when we were in the city all day, but they waited.  I was out early this foggy morning, new camera in tow. I checked on them then, and all was quiet. They must have seen the shiny new equipment I was carrying because a few hours later - POOF! 4 puffy chicks. Just look at the poses they gave me; fantastic little models. 
I've thrown in a few other photos from my practice session.  

This is Daddy.  He was running around making a racket the entire time his tribe was breaking free of their shells. He's
to blame for me finding out it was hatching day.
Still tired from all the work it took to get out of that tiny egg.

Time to start venturing out a bit - stretch those wee legs.

I can't believe this little fluff ball could even fit into something that small.  
Asparagus fern.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Morning in the Garden

We've had a cold spring, but things are starting to fill out in the garden now. Here are a couple shots of the place I call home and some pretty flower photos.
Oh, and I'm on Instagram now as aostaj!


Monday, July 3, 2017

A Busy Start

Life has been beautifully busy. Welcome to summer!  Now that school is officially out, I thought time would slow down a bit, but nope! - It seems to be on fast forward. In the first two weeks of July alone, we will celebrate a special birthday, a 50th anniversary, my own 20th anniversary, send two kids to camp in opposite directions and pick them up. Somewhere we will try to get to the beach a few times and relax, and of course there is the yard to tend to. I forgot to mention, we kicked it all off with Canada Day on the 1st - our big 150! That was fun. A trip to a small town I'd never been to and then mini-golf and fireworks at the lake.
Being that Southern Saskatchewan is primarily farmland, it's not surprising
to see a giant sculpture of a common crop, oats. This is definitely one of
my favourite small town pieces. Ituna, Sk.

Fireworks at Good Sprit Provincial Park - always a delight and a photography challenge.
The slowest part of my day happens in the early morning when it's still cool enough to walk my dog. I love my mornings.  Happy July everyone!
I love the wide angle lens on my phone.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pictures As Promised

A few more changes in the yard begged for several snapshots to be taken.  Seeing as how I have quite a few shots to show you, I'll keep the words short.

Some time out to lie in the grass....

And gaze up the sky.

Watching the marigolds grow.

The ninebark in bloom and watch out for the swarm of bees as you walk by.

Another nest.

This one belongs to this pretty mama Killdeer

Goutweed. So much prettier than its name.

Hostas are having their best year yet.

Lamium looks gorgeous among rocks

Calabrochoa looking gorgeous as a greeter to the fire pit.

A peaceful evening walk. A long day of strong winds led into a perfectly calm night.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Never Complain About The Rain

Rainy days always get me down, in a good way. Rest is what I need and with the outdoors being windy, rainy and the heaviest of greys, it is easy to allow myself that rest.

Oh how I love that pair...

The photos I'm sharing today are ones snapped yesterday.  I've been busy planting and I can hardly wait to show you photos in July when all of the annuals I've put in have filled out.

Blooming right now are the irises, of which I'm growing two types - Japanese and Bearded.  They are short lived, but oh so lovely. I adore the blooms on the Bearded type while the foliage of the Japanese lends itself better as a backdrop for the entire growing season.

Coral Bells are great in that they keep to themselves.  They stay compact, do not spread, and their foliage is lovely.  Most are better suited to dappled shade, but the type I'm showing here does very well in full sun.

Ninebark, you gorgeous thing...I love you in all your forms. I have several of these shrubs growing in my yard.  The close-up I'm showing you is of a flower bud and this particular specimen is covered in them, ready to put on a spectacular show, (more photos later).

The hops are going to have their most successful year yet.  They are growing like mad!!! In front of the hops which are crawling up the fence, are sem false spirea, and wedding veil spirea.

This rock bed, I finished this year, and it is unlike the other flower gardens I have in my yard in that it is mostly rocks, which my son recently said make the best perennials. I would have to agree, but just to add interest, I tossed in a few plants here and there.

Off on a walk, less than 1/2 mile from my home, I caught sight of this lovely family.  Mommy was making a lot of noise, so we didn't linger.

Scaring the pants off me the other day, a lovely specimen of a female mallard duck took off from the daylilies right behind my greenhouse. It takes a lot of noise to lift that robust, little body and she waited until my back was turned to give the scare its full effect. Upon closer inspection, I did learn that she has decided that the daylily patch was a great place for her nest. Oh Dear. I will try my best not to disturb her and keep my big, nosy dog out of there too.  I do hope this story will have a happy ending. I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pumpkin Day

It's the big day!  Pumpkins, gourds and squash are going into the garden. In fact, I'm nearly done. It is the perfect day out there, 20 degrees C with a nice breeze, and I'm just in for a short tea break. Here's a little reminder of some of what my patch produced last year.

Also, I nearly forgot about this little guy. I took this photo in the early Spring. He is a tenacious little fella. His persistence to get rid of the magpies from HIS tree paid off.  I watched many an altercation before the birds decided to move. He's still in the general area and in fact might be the little stinker that ate all the sunflower seedlings in my greenhouse.

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday or whatever day it happens to be when you are reading this. Thank-you so much for visiting and especially so if you leave me a comment.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Gardening Time - And It's About Time

I'd like to share with you today photos of what has been taking up all my time lately. Pretty much everything you see growing are perennials. The annuals will all go in this week and next. I'll be transplanting petunias, dusty millers, snapdragons, portulaca, marigolds, globe basil, coleus, begonias, hens and chicks, osteospermum, sage, sweet potato vine, and sunflowers. Most of these, I've been taking care of since I started them in April. I can't tell you how pleased I am how well have everything is growing this year.
Most of my vegetable garden is in.  I'd show you photos of that, but right now there are just sticks in the dirt marking the rows. But I did put in several rows of flowers among the veggies this year, so that will keep things interesting.
I add more rocks every year.
2 little fish in an ocean of creeping thyme.

Beautiful creeping phlox.

More thyme.  I just love how it crawls over the rocks.

Nothing like chives for early color.

Pink chives.

My lovely rows of trees.

 My constant and faithful companion.

Ok. My mystery plant. It is growing in my greenhouse. It is little, cute and doesn't seem to be spreading. Any idea what it could be? I could really use some help here.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Cherry Blossoms

Hi there everyone!  I am writing this feeling like myself again.  The weather has been wonderful and has been keeping me busy in the yard. Lots of planting, transplanting and of course weeding fills my time between cups of tea.
That little rascal raccoon from my last post made it down sometime during the following night.  He had to have been up there for 16 hours. What a place for sleeping! I was so glad to see him gone the next morning. Clever little guy managed to elude Bear.  My dog is not vicious and is usually the one that ends up injured when he gets involved with the wild critters, so I was very happy that there was no "meet and greet."
Quite a while back, I participated in Stephanie's mug exchange, and it was my job to send to Little Wren in Bangkok, Thailand.  A long story made short, I am very glad that it has finally arrived and that it was good condition.  You can see what traveled all the way from Canada to Southeast Asia HERE. Thank-you Little Wren for writing such a lovely post.
I think everyone's favourite thing about Spring is the blooms. Our cherry trees are nearly in full bloom and the bees are oh so busy buzzing about. The sounds, sight and scent are invigorating.
I hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Up A Tree

I woke up to this sight out my bedroom window this morning. Poor little guy must have scrambled up there after catching a sight of our dog.  He's still up there as I'm writing this over 6 hours later.  I hope he's comfortable, but I doubt it. 
I'm sure I have been feeling much like this furry fella lately. Stuck.  On the couch is mostly where I've been the past month.  The past several days have seen much improvement to my health.  Nasty chest infection with more drugs than you can shake a stick at. I still have a minor cough, but all else seems to be good.  
I hope everyone is doing well, and I plan to catch up over the next few days.